Paddy Power advert approval withdrawn

For those who have followed the Paddy Power issue, approval for the advert has now been withdrawn by Clearcast, the body that approves broadcast adverts in the UK. It now cannot be aired on any UK broadcast or Video on Demand service.

Here’s what ClearCast have said:

Last week we approved a tv ad for Paddy Power featuring references to transgendered people. When making our decision to approve the ad, we took into account the fact that the advertiser had sought a view from the Beaumont Society (a body run by and for those who cross dress or are transsexual) which did not find the script idea offensive.

However following a number of complaints over the last few days, it appears that the ad has caused offence and in consultation with broadcasters, it has been decided that the ad should no longer run on their TV or VoD services in its current format. We regret offence that may have been caused.

Updated: Paddy power now have a post on their web site in which they’re completely unrepentant on the issue. (And being rather shitty about it too) Apparently it’s all OK because they consulted a Trans organisation (Apparently unaware that BS is predominantly TV/CD) and some Trans folk were going to appear in it. No clue if the the Trans folk who would have been featured were Transsexual or Transvestites.


  1. Interesting, though, that the comments mostly support the trans community and not the bookie which is not what I might have expected!

  2. Someone should explain to them that going to the Beaumont Society for advice on trans issues is like asking Paddy, the Tam o’ Shanter wearing drunk slumped in the corner of the pub, if a joke about the Irish is offensive or not.

    Unfortunately, since cis people don’t generally understand trans issues (which is acceptable to a certain extent considering the gap in experience), it can be difficult to find the right people to get advice from. Talking to the Beaumont Society or Stonewall about trans issues is just going to get a very slanted, stereotyped view of things but since these organisations have the visibility, they’re going to get the questions and this won’t be solved until we as a community can find some common ground and put spokespeople in place working in that area and ensuring protection and understanding of the wider spectrum.

    That said, there could have been some subterfuge on Paddy Power’s part since the Beaumont Society seems to have seen a different version of the ad. In addition, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they had chosen the Beaumont Society to talk to since they were sure an organisation such as GIRES would never have let it happen.

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