Parliamentary Motion on Press Trans Intrusion (You can help!)

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceA Parliamentary Early Day Motion – the MPs method of saying “down with this sort of thing” – has been started. It was proposed by Caroline Lucas (Green) and seconded by Julian Huppert (Liberal Democrat) and Mark Durkan (Labour) so has cross-party support already, with the topic being the Sun’s attempts to hunt down the trans man who recently gave birth.

It’s very timely that it’s been released today of all days, with the Metro running a front page story on a 5-year-old child diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. (A story complete with photo, full name and the names of her parents!)

You can help – Please write to your MP if they have not signed it already and ask them to support this. If you do not know who your MP is, you can use Write To Them to find out. More signatures will not just increase the pressure on the press to act responsible towards the Trans community, but also to act responsibly across the board.


  1. Yeah Jane, Mark Durkan is indeed SDLP MP for Foyle a good bloke and I’m delighted to see a Northern Irish politician taking a lead on this sort of thing. In fact I shall now be emailing him on the Paddy Power ad issue.

    Zoe the Mail are worse on the 5-year-old story, they ran a story today where they constantly refer to her as ‘him’. Only reason I was reading it was I was a wait at the hospital.

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