Transphobic Always advert

Update: Please see this blog post for more information. This appears to be an older advert that was pulled and is not recent.

Via @PMS_warrior and @thefworduk, I ran across this advert for Always this morning. After a while doing Trans campaigning, even at a low level, I’ve grown pretty immune to many things and I’m usually just mildly offended by transphobia in the media. I get more annoyed at the way media can make transphobia seem “acceptable” and the perpetuation of oppression that such things generate.

But this advert… wow. It has to be the most offensive piece of media I’ve run across in a long time. And it’s supposed to be an advert?!

For those wanting to complain, the company concerned are Procter & Gamble. They are on Twitter as @ProcterGamble

(Warning: Some may find the video triggery)

Edited to emphasise the above warning: I’m pretty thick skinned, and I still find this ad highly offensive and deeply troubling. Others have been reduced to tears by it and have been unable to watch it to the end. Even if you are not Trans, you may find this upsetting if you are infertile or have similar difficulties.


  1. absolutely outrageous! insensitive beyond beyond belief. is it supposed to be “funny”? if so, it is in incredibly poor taste.
    i shall be writing to them to express my dismay.

    1. It appears to be UK based – the “Have a happy period” slogan is a UK thing and it claims to feature “some of East London’s finest transvestites”.

      The description describes it as a “viral” advert, so it’s possibly not aired on broadcast TV and seems to be very new (Released in the last couple of days) However, as I understand it, if it’s genuine then it would still be covered by the ASA – although I can’t as yet confirm if it did come from Procter & Gamble.

      1. “Have a Happy Period” is their global slogan in English-speaking countries – ads with that slogan have been airing for a decade or so in the US.

  2. I don’t understand what makes it transphobic. I’m trans and I don’t find offence in this.

  3. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? How does this persuade anybody to buy the product? Deeply insensitive on so many levels.

  4. Warning – comment contains sick humour.

    Will we be seeing similar ads for other Procter and Gamble products?

    Now hands that do dishes can be soft as your face. But some people don’t have hands. Or faces! Look at the poor things. You are not like them, so be happy and buy our washing up liquid!

  5. I’m infertile, and my girlfriend is trans. That said, I just found it generally tasteless as opposed to transphobic. Come on girls, enjoy your monthly discomfort, pain and depression, it’s good for you! My issue is that neither P&G nor the advertising company are willing to say “Yeah we made this, we shouldn’t have and we’re sorry”, instead it’s a lot of fingerpointing and “lol it was a joke”.

  6. I’m a transwoman and I thought this ad was adorable. When did this community lose its sense of humour and perspective?

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