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There’s a little – not much, but a little – more news on the Always advert I wrote about yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, Procter and Gamble put out a statement saying this is a spoof advert, while the production company have claimed it was an “internal use” advert that was never released. (I.e. not a spoof)

Neither of these statements quite ties up with the fact that the advert appears on the film company’s web site. (Under commercials, left hand column, third film down) The accompanying “about” box states that it caused “stream of controversy” when released and that it was later “pulled”. The film has also been found, dated 2009, on the Vimeo video-sharing web site where it was uploaded by the film company apparently as part of an historical archive of their work.

It’s surfaced this week after appearing this week on the Ads Of The World web site and it’s reasonable to assume that whoever has been handling this at P&G has no knowledge or memory of the advert, hence it being described (Inaccurately, but woth honest intent) as a “spoof”. The guy listed as being the creative director on the video left the company concerned in 2007, but the “have a happy period” campaign seems to have started in 2005, which gives us a pretty good idea of the possible date ranges involved.

In conclusion, it looks like it’s an older advert, somewhere between four to six years old, that may have been released briefly before being pulled.

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  1. Just a note saying that I’ve forwarded the email I received and to mention that I have questioned them in regards to what action they will be taking, if I don’t receive an email in that regard, I’ll follow it up with a phone call.


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