The 2019 General Election Trans Results Post

Much will, I am sure, be written about the results of the 2019 general election and there is little to add to that. Anyone standing for election, no matter who they are, is going to be affected more by the fortunes of their party as a whole than by individual situations. With a better than expected showing for the Tory party in England and Wales and for the SNP in Scotland, the lack of trans/non-binary candidates from either party meant a poor showing in the General Election.

Liberal Democrats Helen Belcher

2nd place, 34.5% (+8.9%)
Independent Sophie Cook
East Worthing & Shoreham

5th place, 0.5%
Green Party Quinn Daley
4th place, 1.6% (+1.6%)
Scottish Green Party Elaine Gallagher
Glasgow Central

5th place, 3.6% (+3.6%)
Liberal Democrats Charley Hasted
3rd place, 6.7% (+3.6)
Labour Heather Herbert

4th place, 5.5% (-6.4%)
  Labour Thom Kirkwood
Richmond (Yorks)
2nd place, 16.4% (-7.0%)
Green Party Rowan McLaughlin
6th place, 1.2% (+1.62)
Green Party Tom Pashby
South West Hertfordshire
5th place, 2.4% (-0.2%)

One brief note is needed: Some sources have reported ten trans/non-binary candidates. However, I have not been able to independently verify details of the tenth candidate so they have not been listed here yet.

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