Inhouse Pharmacy shut two sites, citing “anti-competitive practices”

In the latest twist in the saga of Inhouse Pharmacy, two of their web sites ( and unexpectedly disappeared from the internet some time in the last 48 hours. Yesterday morning, users started receiving the email reproduced below in which IHP cite “anti-competitive action in the USA” as the reason for the domains being unavailable.

Blocking domain names seems to be a relatively new tactic in the campaign – presumably orchestrated by big pharma – to try to shut down online pharmacies, which are the only source of HRT for many trans women. Previous efforts have concentrated on payment providers instead.

Fortunately, other similar sites appear unaffected.

We have changed our website name

Today due to anti-competitive action in the USA it is necessary for us to become:

We have done this to ensure you can continue to access our affordable medications from us in the same reliable manner you have grown to trust.

Our old domain is no longer operating, but we are, just with our .VU domain name which stands for Vanuatu, the country where we are based in the tropical South Pacific.

Business is normal, the site and prices are just the same. We are the same people you have grown to trust and when you phone us you will be talking to the same customer service team. Please come on over to our new site at Please remember USA shoppers right now get a 10% additional discount if paying by eCheck – give it a try.

10% Special eCheck Discount

Website Login

Unfortunately we were not able to move your old account on over to our site. When you shop on it may not recognise your email address so please kindly complete your purchase and choose the option at the end to save your details for next time.

Once your order is placed, our team will recognise it’s you.


  1. Does the .vu site require prescriptions now for the UK? Have you ever been charged VAT with your orders?

    1. The last information I have on Inhouse and prescriptions is over a year old, but I understand that new users need a prescription. Some regulars seem to be OK without.

      VAT/Import Duty is down to Customs & Excise. Below £15 is OK, above that is variable with more chance of being charged VAT the more it’s worth. I’ve just received some marine-related equipment from the US that was over the £15 limit for example, and that was OK. The system is that if they decide to charge you VAT/Import Duty, the Royal Mail stick a note through you door and you can either pay it online or go to the depot to pay and collect in person.

  2. was a long time custermer take hormones lost my one email address so have new do i need a scrip to get my hormons now

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