Yet another update on Inhouse Pharmacy

Updated 10th December 2014: Inhouse Pharmacy have shut many of their old web sites and moved to It is not totally clear why this happened, but they have been emailing many existing customers with a new URL.

I had been editing earlier posts with updates, but that was getting confusing so here is the latest as of 8th May that I know of:

On the topic of what IHP are saying publicly, they clarified their earlier email as follows:

These changes apply worldwide. Visa do not want us shipping prescription meds – they do not agree with it.

In terms of what they are actually doing, this is more complicated. I have heard from numerous people who ordered from IHP over the weekend using a credit or debit card, were not asked for a prescription at the order stage (after logging in) and have had shipping confirmation. Conversely, I have also heard from people ordering yesterday (7th May) who have been “flatly refused”. Regular customers of the .biz site seem to have the most luck, whereas new customers or those who previously used the European (.com) site which has a separate system for customer accounts are stuck. I have always used the .com site and I cannot order without a prescription.

In case anyone is curious, although I have a repeat prescription from my GP I’ve always chosen to order from IHP because it is easier than having to worry about getting to the GPs during working hours to move little bits of paper around. It’s also as a personal statement on bodily autonomy and not handing over power to doctors. I have placed an order with an alternative site, UnitedPharmaciesUK, but do not expect to receive anything for another few days.


  1. The .Biz website seems to be pretty much back to what it was now. They will not take mastecard but will take visa or arrange a bank transfer. There is just a disclaimer box to check – no script seems to be required again

  2. I want my HRT, but I’m scared of putting down a couple hundred $ just to have them say they can’t ship without a script. The site says it requires one. Is that just an empty notice they’re putting up to get big pharma off their backs? Thx!

      1. Thanks for the reply! Yes, Also, I’m in the USA… 🙁 Know any good alternatives?

  3. Hey, how did your experience with United Pharmacies go? I’ve read several experiences about people dealing with credit card fraud after ordering with them. Thanks!

    1. I didn’t have any trouble – but I found similar reports to you. I think there is more than one “United Pharmacies”, hence the confusion, being the one I used.

      1. That’s a relief to hear. Yeah, I’ve read that there’s an unsafe .com clone of the .md site. Hopefully I won’t have any trouble either. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Even though I’ve been ordering from .biz monthly for several years up through last month, I never received any e-mail notification from them about that site no longer being available. After desperately searching around for another source for my inhalers last night in case .biz doesn’t come back up, I found your post here by searching their old address via Google this morning and just ordered from .vu. Thanks for the info!

  5. yes thank you for the new address for them I couldnt find it either and I have used them for years!! They used to not require a prescription but in the last year or so I have had to send on in. It is a bit of a pain to have to wait on the doctors office to fax one in, but SO much cheaper than here in the USA.

  6. Hi
    I noticed you mentioned you ordered from united site. Did you get your order? I’ve read a lot about fraud on this site I was wondering about your experience with them.

    I’m wanting to place an order and haven’t got a prepay card, I was going to use my credit card.
    I’ve ordered from inhouse pharmacy in the past but this site is much cheaper so wanted to give it a try.


  7. Hi, I’ve used the unitedpharmacies uk md site and I wonder how you found the efficacy of the meds from there? Thanks 🙂

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  10. Im in US, is now Works the same, took 2 weeks to receive.

  11. I seriously doubt the legit of inhouse pharmacy, I had place an order by last Saturday, but till now not yet receive any shipping confirmation email from their site. I had try to make several calls or email their customer service, but nobody reply or pick up the phone. I am in dire need of the medicine, so I need to make sure it deliver on time, totally disappointed by the terrible customer service shown by inhouse pharmacy.

  12. I ordered from them, since giving my phone number and credit Card been having a high number of scam visa card calls asking for me by name. Beware!

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