Sexual “fraud”, this time in the English courts

The whole sex-by-deception thing is back in the courts, this time with a teenager from England. (Telegraph)

The facts are broadly similar in both cases – a woman1 poses as male and has relationships with other women, but this time she ends up in trouble due to sexual assaults on the women, rather than them simply being unhappy when they find out the full situation as that happened later. From what I can tell, these were all short-lived relationships with girls Barker already knew, and not the longer-term ones we saw in the previous Scottish case. It also sounds more as if Barker is lesbian rather than somewhere on the Transgender spectrum which may have been the case with Brooks.

The main issue appears to be the sexual assaults and Barker has pleaded guilty to those. But what is concerning is the one count of “fraud” mentioned in the Daily Mail that’s also got a guilty plea. The Mail makes this sound as if the fraud charge is related to sexual activity. However, Barker also attempted to get compensation for a made-up assault so this may be straight-forward financial fraud rather than anything else.

Either way, a simple guilty plea does not set case law.

1Or at least someone who has not started medical transition or gone full-time as male.


  1. More and more I wonder whether undercover policemen who have sex with women in the groups they are investigating, could be found guilty of rape because of the deception involved. Charges never seem to be brought, for some reason.

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