Sex-by-deception case: “Not Guilty” plea

There’s little new information on the sex-by-deception case I’ve been following, although it was in court again yesterday. Brooks has asked for more time according to various news sources (Daily Record) and the next hearing will be on the 8th March when a date for trial should be set. The print edition of the Metro suggests a plea of Not Guilty was also entered, but the story does not appear to be online.

Some reports (STV) indicate that the reason for the request for more time is for DNA/handwriting reports and an identity parade. (How a parade will work when Brooks’s photo is all over the press I don’t know) This is worrying because it would perhaps suggest that the lawyers believe that the whole “deception” over gender thing is really an issue and they’re fighting this on the grounds of mistaken identity.

There’s also an interesting comment thread on my previous post from someone who knows about Scottish Law who suggests that although the law is vague, not telling someone that might affect their consent would be illegal.

Brooks is still “remanded in custody”, i.e. in prison, so even if not found guilty has already suffered because of this. It’s starting to feel more and more like if you’re stealth and Trans, you’d better not be having sex in Scotland.

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