Trans politicians: 2017 General Election results

It will come as no surprise to anyone following the results that no trans members of parliament were elected yesterday, as despite the shock over the overall result relatively few seats actually changed hands. However, a record number of people standing (9) also means some record results – yesterday saw three trans candidates gaining second place. The last time a trans candidate at a parliamentary level reached second place was also the first known trans parliamentary candidate, Alexandra “Sandra” MacRae, who stood for the SNP in 1992.

General elections are predominantly national rather than local campaigns, and the fates of trans candidates have followed those of their party colleagues standing elsewhere – Labour up but with limited gains, Liberal Democrats slipping slightly in non-target seats and the Greens struggling to make an impact.

Liberal Democrats Helen Belcher
2nd place, 25.6% (-3.8%)
Majority: 29.1%
Green Party Aimee Challenor
Coventry South
5th place: 1.3% (-2.6%)
Labour Sophie Cook
East Worthing & Shoreham
2nd place, 39.3% (+19.8%)
Majority: 9.3%
Green Party Andrew Creak
6th place, 1.1% (-1.2%)
Liberal Democrats Charley Hasted
Swansea East
5th place, 1.8% (-2.4%)
Green Party Dom Horsman
North West Durham
5th place, 1.1% (-2.6%)
Green Party Lee-Anne Lawrance
Runnymede and Weybridge
5th place, 2.6% (-1.5%)
Zoe OConnell Liberal Democrats Zoe O’Connell
3rd place, 4.3% (-0.1%)
Labour Heather Peto
Rutland & Melton
2nd place, 22.7% (+7.3%)
Majority: 40.1%


Photo sources – not all Creative Commons. Please check before reuse:
Helen Belcher, Charley Hasted: Liberal Democrat candidate promotional literature.
Aimee Challenor: CC BY-SA 3.0, credit Green Party of England and Wales.
Sophie Cook: Labour party candidate promotional literature.
Dom Horsman, Lee-Anne Lawrance: Provided by the candidates for use on this blog.
Zoe O’Connell: CC BY-SA 3.0, credit Zoe O’Connell.

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