Met Police lose 2005 rape handling report

A few weeks ago, an article appeared in New Statesman highlighting how the Met Police buried a critical 2005 report by Brian Paddick into their handling of rape cases. Having asked for a copy of the report, you will probably not be surprised to learn the Met have conveniently lost it. Here’s their reply:

Searches have been made within Sapphire Command, (who are responsible for investigating rape and other serious sexual offences), Territorial Policing Headquarters, Records Management, MPS Press Office and the National Police Library.

The requested document has not been traced.

If truthful, not only have they buried the document so that the public can’t see it, but they’ve buried it so deep that even Sapphire Command don’t have it. Given those are the folks who currently investigate rape and might be best in a position to implement the original recommendation to adopt a “consistent, victim-centered approach”, that’s worrying.

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