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I have recently switched from using dircproxy as an IRC bouncer to ZNC and it is turning out to be a better piece of software. (Not least of which is decent SSL support and a handy web interface that allows easy reconfiguration) However, it suffers from the same problem as many other bouncers – it doesn’t log Private Messages when you’re online. This is annoying because I may have left some machine somewhere connected that I might not return to for a day or two, or I might be on a mobile device that’s prone to losing it’s connection due to train tunnels etc. (Which results in ZNC thinking the device is still connected until it times out and messages are lost completely)

So, for anyone who uses ZNC who finds this similarly problematic, you can download a copy of the logging module I’ve worked on here. It compiles cleanly against the Debian version of ZNC 0.202 cleanly using just “znc-buildmod pmlog.cpp”, and you can install it simply by coping the resulting pmlog.so file to ~/.znc/modules and enabling it from the web interface.

There are no configuration options yet so it’s rather rough and basic and should be regarded as Beta-quality code at best, but time permitting I should add more soon. When you connect, it will simply play back inbound/outbound private messages sent since you loaded the module.

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  1. [acc ~]$ znc-buildmod pmlog.cpp
    Building “pmlog.so” for ZNC 1.0… pmlog.cpp: In member function âvirtual void C PMLog::OnClientLogin()â:
    pmlog.cpp:21:40: error: âclass CUserâ has no member named âGetCurNickâ
    [ !! ] Error while building “pmlog.so”

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