Lawyer claims all Poly relationships should be illegal

I don’t usually do foreign stories. (Largely because I feel without the cultural background to frame a discussion, it can often be unhelpful)

I also don’t usually write about poly issues.

But, via The Wild Hunt, this one has me perplexed more than usual. Over in Canada, it’s being argued by the states own lawyer that poly households should be prosecuted. No, this isn’t polygamous marriage, just the suggestion that somehow allowing more than two people to live together in a relationship leads to “unmitigated lives of slavery, bondage and horror for the wives” and also causes human trafficking and child slavery.

But at least the attorney general’s lawyer at the centre of this is all for equality – gay/lesbian relationships are just as bad, he argues. Quite how an all-male household or all-female one would lead to this “horror for the wives” is unspecified. Actually, he argues it applies to anyone, “heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered”. Because, as we all know, transgendered is a sexual orientation…?

I take solace in the fact his argument is so obviously full of holes, no sane judge would swallow it. Which just leaves us with one question.

Are the judges in Vancouver sane?

(P.S. Think it couldn’t happen here? According to one interpretation of UK law, it’s unlawful to own a property “…where more than one woman or man resorts to for sex outside marriage, which covers many things. Luckily, being mostly-lesbian, I’m mostly-safe from this one. Communal Tea-drinking has not yet been ruled illegal)


  1. That’s correct, but “state” has more than one meaning, and it’s common one is the general term for a political entity/polity. Canada is a state (one comprised of provinces), which makes the phrase “the state’s own lawyer” accurate.

    Had the author referred to “the state of British Columbia’s lawyer”, that would of course be wrong (which should be “the Province[ of British Columbia]’s lawyer”), but on the assumption that the attorney general works for the government (any government), the phrase works.

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