SEO Fail? Or, if you’re looking for a job, try the Cambridge News.

If you’re in the Cambridge area and need a new job, it might be worth speculatively sending a CV in to the local paper, the Cambridge News. After the events of the last 24 hours, in which they’ve had one male member of staff up in court for exposing himself, and another female staff member with a drink problem jailed for a beating, one can only assume that management would have been in no mood to be lenient to the poor staff member who crashed one of their cars this morning.

Of course, it’s just Search Engine Optimisation gone wrong, but one hopes that there won’t be any “Publisher goes bankrupt” or “Editor caught having an affair” stories in the Cambridge area soon or the results could be embarrassing. Is it silly to suggest that such basic errors could get out of hand and lead to all sorts of trouble? That sort of nonsense couldn’t possibly cause Chinese whispers and affect share prices could it? Of course not, all reputable newspapers check information they get from sites like twitter before publishing. OK, maybe not always but I’m sure they’ve learnt from their mistake and they won’t do it again.

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