G3 Readers Awards: Here we go again

G3 Magazine just put Julie Bindel up for an award for campaigner of the year. Initial relation: Rolling of eyes, general “oh dears” and “here we go again”. If you are not familiar with her work, I have a few earlier posts about her tagged. Her significant work in 2011 includes her getting a Royal College of Psychiatrists’ meeting canceled merely by being invited to it.

I don’t expect the protests we had with the Stonewall awards back in 2008, partly just because G3 magazine is known to be problematic anyway and does not have the profile Stonewall does. G3 were on Bindel’s side back in 2008 for example. (Although that does mean that they can not claim to be unaware of her reputation within the community)

But if you do disagree with this nomination and currently read G3, could I perhaps point you in the direction of the much more Trans-friendly Diva Magazine?

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  1. Julie Bindell simply writes, a middle class version, of transphobia, which has a similar idealogy, of hate as other journal such as The Sun and Daily Mail.

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