THAT question from Nadine Dorries

It’s brilliant. With her views on abortion, sex education and approach to factual content on blogs, nobody could possibly expect Nadine Dorries of being a sleeper agent for the LibDems. But apparently she is, judging by her performance today at Prime Ministers’ questions. The video is below, but here’s the transcript:

Nadine Dorries: “Mr. Speaker, the Liberal Democrats make up seven percent of this Parliament, yet they seem to be influencing our free school policy, health, many issues, immigration and abortion. Does the Prime Minister…” (Much background noise from MPs)

Speaker: “Order! Order, order!… Order! The question from the honourable lady… will be heard.

Nadine Dorries: “Does the Prime Minister think it is about time he told the Deputy Prime Minister who is the boss?

David Cameron: “The um… look…. this, um… uh.” (Sits back down – appears he may be laughing or smirking. Much more background noise from MPs)

Speaker: “I wanted to hear the question, but I want to hear the Prime Ministers answer!

David Cameron: “I know the honourable lady is extremely frustrated about, um… maybe I should start all over again.” (Pauses) “I don’t think… I’m going to give up on this one!” (Sits down)

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