Dear Nick Clegg, 10 things you can disagree with Cameron on

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceDear Nick,

I hear you’re having problems disagreeing with Cameron. So, I thought I’d prepare this handy list of ten items where quite a few people I know who are also Liberal Democrats do not agree with the Conservatives. Hopefully this should be enough to help you in the TV debates in 2015 or, perhaps, a little before then.

  1. Fairer votes
  2. Tuition fees
  3. Trident
  4. Prisoner votes
  5. Europe
  6. The NHS
  7. Control Orders
  8. Multiculturalism
  9. Eric Pickles
  10. Immigration caps

Perhaps you could print this letter out and keep it with you, in case you need reminding? If you need any of these explaining to you, drop me a line. I’d be happy to help.




  1. The main thing I learnt from this incident was that the word “bloody” sounds exponentially worse when said multiple times in a single sentence. It was very Alan Partridge.

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