Roger Helmer MEP now threatening bloggers

I think this deserves some more attention – I’ve not seen it on Twitter, so I suspect few people know about it. Blogger Debbie Davies was considering reporting Roger Helmer to the police over his Tweet and also wrote to him requesting a meeting.

I don’t know Debbie as I found this via Google but she appears far from clueless when it comes to the police as she is involved in and gives speeches at police advisory groups.

But rather than let the law do it’s thing, Roger chose to reply accusing her of having a “hostile attitude” (Really Roger? Debbie isn’t the one with the problem) and saying he thought she was wasting police time, and that she could be facing six months in jail and/or a fine if she reported him!

Anyone think this is reasonable behaviour from an elected politician?


  1. Big believer in freedom of speech? Have you read what Roger said or are you just jerking your knee? I may not agree with what he says but I defend his right to say it!

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