Government promoting broadband, 1870s style

If you believe today’s Metro (Page 13) then some government ministers and MPs are living in the 19th Century:

Digital hubs boost for faster internet

EVERY community in Britain will have a “digital hub” under plans to have the fastest broadband in Europe by 2015. These will boost internet speeds by operating as a local satellite station for “superfast” broadband, according to media secretary Jeremy Hunt. It is part of an £830 million plan to turn Britain into one of world’s most technically advanced nations.

We’ve had these hubs since 1870 for years: they’re called Telephone Exchanges. I’m guessing this is sloppy reporting and he is actually talking about the green cabinets in the street… which we’ve also had for decades. More specifically, the inaccurately named “fibre optic broadband” which runs fibre to the green cabinets in the street… which are already providing live service in many areas, with an established rollout plan for more.

I work in the industry and I have absolutely no idea what has been announced by Hunt or when based on this article. I don’t know why they ran this at all.

Next week, we shall hear of government plans to introduce big buildings where one can pay to see moving pictures.

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