More Interception Modernisation spin from El Reg

I’m starting to think that some of the folks over at The Register are permanantly wearing tin foil hats, based on yesterday’s latest post on the Interception Modernisation Programme. They tell us that “Government measures to massively increase surveillance of the internet will be in place within five years” and quote quite selectively from a Home Office document, specifically “key proposals [will be] implemented for the storage and acquisition of internet and e-mail records“.

They link to the Home Office business plan, but I’m guessing they didn’t expect people to actually read the source. Here’s the bit they quoted from in more detail…

5. Protect people’s freedoms and civil liberties – Reverse state interference to ensure there is not disproportionate intrusion into people’s lives

5.2 Introduce safeguards against the misuse of counter-terrorism and security legislation

  • i. Undertake and publish a review of counter-terrorism and security legislation, working with the Department for Communities and Local Government on the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
  • ii. Implement key recommendations

5.3 End the storage of internet and email records without good reason

  • i. Develop and publish proposals for the storage and acquisition of internet and e-mail records
  • ii. Implement key proposals, including introducing legislation if necessary

It starts looking a little less like there’s a real story there when you look at the source in full and we’re back to the same situation as before. Whilst I’m slightly concerned about what’s to come based on the not entirely definitive answer from David Cameron in PMQs, If there is some more information that they’re privy to that indicates the IMP is back, they’re not sharing it with us, the public. Of course, some people are so invested into the “IMP is back” culture by now that they’re forced into attacking anything that’s announced as actually being the IMP, even if it isn’t, thus detracting from any reasonable debate on how to improve the current, less than ideal, situation.

Dr Huppert MP is attempting to find out more (Questions 214 and 215) so hopefully we should find out for sure soon.

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  1. So, the Register were not so much tin-foil-hatted as uncannily prescient? (as viewed from April 2012)

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